“The Chimaera Regiment” Kickstarter Project

If you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the release of my novel, “The Chimaera Regiment,” now’s your chance to make sure it gets released! I’ve just opened up a Kickstarter project to fund the release of the novel by March 15 of this year. If we don’t make that $3000 funding goal, then it’s never going to happen.

So don’t wait another second! Get over there and start pledging! And if you have no money, like me, get over there and start sharing the link with all your friends!

For those of you who want nothing to do with pledging, you can always keep an eye on this website or on the book’s official website, https://www.TheChimaeraRegiment.com!

Watch the introductory video from the Kickstarter project page below:

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