This website is the home of Nathaniel Turner’s written works.

Nathaniel Turner was born in Texas in 1988. He lived in Cyprus, Russia, India, Singapore, and the United States (Texas, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, and Wisconsin). He has moved, on average, slightly less often than once per year (depending on how you count it). He graduated high school (or secondary school) in Singapore in 2006. He graduated magna cum laude from Baylor University in 2010, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics and Religion. He has worked as a high school Latin teacher, a web designer, a tool salesman, a delivery driver, and in software quality assurance.

He married in July 2010; his elder son was born at the end of May 2014, his younger in February 2016. His father is a musician and political scientist, and his mother is a mathematician and educator.

He speaks English fluently; he can read and write Latin and ancient Greek; he learned a modicum of Russian, but has forgotten most of it; and he studied French for six years, but it didn’t quite take. He has studied mathematics and astrophysics, and delights in both, but focused on the humanities; whenever learning something new, he endeavors to answer the question, “How then should we live?” He suffers from type I diabetes and mild, undiagnosed OCD.

He is currently working on two sequels to “The Chimaera Regiment,” and he is planning a series of space operas, a science fiction series following a space explorer, a retelling of the myth of Orpheus, a historical fiction novel about a saint’s life, an allegory, a collection of historical fiction short stories, and a modern-day story about joy and loss.