Latest “31 Prayers” Book on Free Kindle Promotion

31 Prayers for Financial Wisdom is FREE for the Kindle today through Thursday, 4/19! Pray for financial wisdom this tax season, whether you owe more or receive a refund.

Receiving a windfall doesn’t mean you get to buy whatever strikes your fancy for a few days, whether that’s a new television or a new couch or a new game console and a bunch of games. Do you really need a new television? Or can you see what’s on the tube well enough already? Is your couch reasonably used, or are you donating it to Goodwill or a similar charity? Or are you just stuffing it in the attic or the garage because you want more luxury? Do you need video games? Or can you enjoy your free time and learn something with a Bible and a few good books, or quality time with your family? If your entire family enjoys video games, then that’s an option – but if anybody feels left out by them, maybe you should consider something else.

And what if you don’t get a windfall? What if you owe something? Maybe that’s the last scrap of your budget, and you’re wavering over that line between “just making ends meet” and “broke.” Pray for support, and don’t be afraid to ask friends and family to pray for you, too. Sometimes you’ll find love and charity right when you need it.

Pray for financial wisdom in the tough economic times. Get a free copy of the latest “31 Prayers” book today.

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