Kindle Lending Library

I have decided to include the “31 Prayers” series in the Kindle Lending Library.

This has several important effects for readers.

First of all, if you have Amazon Prime, you may now borrow any of the “31 Prayers” books for free without late fees. Starting immediately. Completely free. Except, of course, for whatever you pay for Amazon Prime.

Secondly, “31 Prayers for Courage” is no longer available on the NOOK. It was a pain to make available on the NOOK in the first place, Barnes and Noble never helped me out as much as Amazon, and regardless of its availability these five months, I never sold a single copy for the NOOK. Ever. So I’m happy to remove it from their sales rack. This also means I get to stop checking their site to see if I’ve made any sales. Win-win.

And yes, I’m aware that I’m contributing to the market dominance of Maybe if everybody else would take a hint from Amazon, other stores and other publishers would get more of the market share than they do.

Thirdly, periodically, I will make each of the “31 Prayers” series available for free. Yes, free. Free to download and keep forever, if you want. For everybody, not just for Amazon Prime members. I will announce these periods well in advance – probably one book for five days each month for three months, then cycling back around… or maybe all three books for five days each in quick succession. Haven’t decided yet. We’ll see. At any rate, I’ll announce them ahead of time, so you can be prepared to snap them up.

So keep a look-out.

God bless.

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